The blog that was similar to mine

weight loss spa menus

weight loss spa menus (Photo credit: ninahale)

The blog I researched had a lot of pictures of food that made you lose weight it looked very tasty.The author Andie Mitchell said a lot about herself she told us her age and why she decided to start blogging about it . Andie started the blog because she wanted to share her own walk through life, loss and lots of food. She told us about what she had to go through in order to lose weight . Andie knew that one day she would weight 400 lbs if she did not try to get in shape.She felt scared and loss at first but she made it through. She wondered how did she get so fat.She struggled to lose weight she did not diet she ate good food that doesn’t make you gain a lot of weight. .Andie told us about her dad and that he was an alcoholic since the day she was born, she loved every inch of him.Her dad died of a stroke when she was twelve years old. When she was sad food lifted her up . Mitchell really loved food . At twenty years old food wasn’t loving her so much . She eventually arrived at her goal weight it was the most agonizing and gratifying experience of her life.She lost 135 lbs, half her size . She now has to maintain her weight and this was as hard as losing weight.She had amazing recipes also.


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