The Pizza Hut Dinner Box Is Just Not For Me

English: A pizza from the oven. Français : Une...

English: A pizza from the oven. Français : Une pizza sortant du four. Deutsch: Eine Pizza aus dem Ofen. Italiano: Una pizza dal forno. Español: Una pizza del horno. Magyar: Egy pizza a sütőből. 日本語: オーブンからピザ。 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wild rabbit BBQ pizza.

Wild rabbit BBQ pizza. (Photo credit: sally_monster)


pizza (Photo credit: Mickipedia)

I love eating healthy foods but it has been forever since I last ate a pizza . I was just saying one day of eating pizza wouldn’t hurt , well I was so wrong . I ordered the $10 dinner box I waited till about an hour and that was hell for me it felt like getting slapped in the face a thousand times with an ax. They finally came I ran to the door as fast as I could , I was so hungry at that moment , if they didn’t have any pizza I would probably eat them alive .I ordered 5 boxes .it was so wrong for me but I just couldn’t help myself it only was for one day anyways.I took up a slice and by the blink of an eye the first box was finished .I moved on to the second and then the third soon I reached the fifth box . I slowly took I bite and my heart started hurting . I fell to the floor when I woke up I was in the hospital with my mother by my side . I found out I had diabetes , I started to cry but everyone kind of saw that coming from that day I start to eat only healthy foods that I made . I swore I would never eat fatty and unhealthy foods again. Good eats always , so I made my own healthy pizza it tasted much better.


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